Guaranteed press coverage

We guarantee you’ll get coverage for your story. Whether it’s used in major media or on blogs with high page ranking and shared in various social media, we can confidently assure you your story will be placed in ways that create brand awareness.

The essence of storytelling hasn’t changed,
the places and ways to be heard have.

Places – The existence of so many new channels for publicity and influence allows us to guarantee results.

Ways – Top down authority no longer rules, instead, peers, personal inclination, social media communities and “cool” apps drive decisions.

Headlines and flashy ads are seductive. Being talked about by the radio jock or TV reporter is satisfying. But to become connected and trusted in communities, to be a thought leader at the learning edge of your industry is what will drive your brand, attract and retain customers.

We keep you focused on the goal and guide you past the shiny distractions of traditional PR.

We pull you, kicking and screaming if necessary, into a sustainable process of patiently taking on the challenging work of real relationship.

We can guarantee because the human need for connection hasn’t changed, what’s changed is the amount and quality of connection we regularly receive.

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