How to Get Unlimited Publicity even if YOUR PR agency SUCKS – training & free bonus

Get Unlimited Publicity even if YOUR PR agency SUCKS –
one on one training and bonus.

Date: flexible – schedule your training.

    – Tried everything and still not getting media coverage you want?
    – Hired a PR agency and sworn never to do it again?
    – Want to get publicity for your business at times when nothing newsworthy is happening?
    – Hired an in-house communication specialist but editors and reporters don’t respond to your pitches?
    – Are you getting good coverage now, but want to take it to the next level, tell better stories, refine your message

We train people just like you to score major coverage in:

    – leading media outlets,
    – industry blogs and
    – social media

Enhance your ability to:

    – Launch an effective digital PR & Social media engagement program for your venture and keep it vibrant
    – Integrate Thought Leadership Marketing in your PR strategy
    – Increase Brand value and build Brand equity
    – Discover alternatives to hiring traditional PR
    – Learn how to increase performance of your in-house PR team
    – Design and implement a social media content strategy that engages your stakeholders and fans
    – Improve your company blog with content that presells your offer without annoying the readers
    – Establish the CEO as a thought leader among industry analysts and editors

This two-day session is ideal for entrepreneurs, as well as Marketing and Advertising professionals who want to improve performance of their public relations initiatives with innovative PR tactics.

Learn how to:

    – Get unlimited PR without news releases – get the editors’ attention in times when client has no newsworthy events
    – Promote your product while educating your prospects
    – Get bloggers to review ­ and endorse ­you and your ventures
    – Target traditional and new media to get exposure that matches your company message
    – Get your social media to produce community support for your organization’s goals
    – Manage crisis and turn controversy into news that benefits your company
    – Establish your CEO and founding team as a thought leaders in your industry

PRICE: $495

LOCATION: private residency in San Jose for 2 hour group workshop & lunch, or Skype for 1 hour remote 1 on 1 training

FREE BONUS for training attendees:

KICKSTART YOUR PR with our 30 minute individual consultation

  • Get 1 story developed, an article written about your business or personal brand and get it published in the media within 2 weeks
  • Get 2 Months of ongoing consulting totaling 3 hours of professional advice


Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media.