While we are honored to serve both B2C and B2B verticals the impact of our integrated demand generation programs are especially acknowledged by B2B organizations. See how we are different:
Inbound B2B marketing sales funnel leads pipeline - before


Inbound B2B marketing sales funnel leads pipeline - after


  1. Companies are wasting their precious marketing budgets on inbound campaigns with very low conversion rates and therefore low ROI
  2. Companies are wasting time and resources hiring salespeople just to get relationships with their most wanted prospects, when that method can’t scale
  3. Various marketing activities become siloed and not integrated, thus programs wind up neither synchronized nor properly measured:
  • PR doesn’t directly affect sales and its impact is not measurable;
  • neither Content nor Social teams satisfy the needs of Sales and instead generate relatively low quality inbound leads;
  • Email marketing nurtures leads with content inappropriate to the prospect’s stage in the sales funnel, disqualifying perfectly qualified leads.

As a result:

  • With your inbound efforts you are playing a waiting game and wandering through an ocean of poorly targeted prospects instead of fishing for the biggest fish
  • Passing those poorly qualified leads to your sales team frustrates the heck out of them, raising their blood pressure and lowering their commissions
  • You look at your sales report and frown

When you are tired of all this mess… That’s where we come in.


  • We help you open major accounts with our unique processes for integrated demand generation (inbound and outbound campaigns, business development and thought leadership programs)
  • We eliminate your sales team’s suffering and end their cold calling nightmare with a steady stream of Relationship Leads – not just any leads, but the most desired, high value prospects – warm leads that are ready to entertain your sales pitch
  • In addition, we build your thought leadership position via sophisticated content developed by award-winning journalists, your executive team’s appearances in press and as conference keynote speakers

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