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By Olga Kostrova, Managing Partner of SocialAgenda Media.  “It’s clear that today’s celebrities are becoming Brands unto themselves. But now even middle managers can get into the act. So if you see your VP of finance in the gossip pages next to J. Lo, don’t be surprised.” – Fortune Whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO […]

by Jan Hutchins, CEO of SocialAgenda Media. My buddy Rich Lieberman runs a show on KSCO radio in Santa Cruz 1080am, and interviews media celebrities. If you are a media personality you might want to get in touch with him and see if you can appear on his show. Yesterday he invited me to be […]

Because I used to be “somebody” people are always asking me what I think of the media. This is a blog about media, new and traditional, and I carry a bias against the way dependence on ratings affect the media today. The parallel debate in the new media industry is do we create content for […]

I’m married to an actual angel and have two healthy, happy adult children.  My wife, Olga Kostrova, is wise, beautiful, gifted, creative, fiery, tenacious and incredibly loving.  We experienced love at first (actually third) sight and were married just seven weeks after meeting.  We’ve vowed to birth from our marriage an evolutionary jump, a quantum leap […]

My life is blessed. I’s hard for me to go anywhere in the San Francisco/San Jose Bay Area of Northern California in America and not be recognized, stared at, or stopped and told how wonderful I am or the difference I’ve made in people’s lives. It’s interesting to find out if they know me from […]