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Our article Marketing to the Internal Audience – From Low ROI To Cost-Effective Corporate Training offered insights to how Corporate Training is and is not serving Marketing’s internal constituencies like Sales and IT. Continuing the interview with our panel of experts we ask them about managing the information flow, improving the attractiveness of their products, […]

Just Who Needs Training in American Companies? (Spoiler Alert! It’s NOT just the “Workers”) One of the biggest challenges for marketing is creating cooperative teamwork between marketing and other departments, especially in the traditionally uneasy partnership with Sales and, as technology increasingly becomes a part of marketing, IT departments. According to the American Society for […]

By Olga Kostrova, co-founder and COO of SocialAgenda Media. This is a continuation of the interview with Jay Elliot (please read part 1 here Building brand the Steve Jobs Way), former Senior Vice President for Apple, the author of worldwide best sellers “The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation” and “Leading Apple with Steve Jobs” […]